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About Us

Hyper Voitures FZC is dealing in rare, exclusive and exquisite luxury automobiles. Our main focus is on quality over quantity therefore we usually opt for a small but a very special selection of automobiles in our inventory. We pride ourselves on having at least a few vehicles which are extremely rare and collectible hence offering more than just a thrilling experience on the road, they offer incredible investment opportunities as well.


Located in the Sharjah Airport International Free Zone in the center of the world, we are extremely well positioned to access the global auto market and this allows us to import and export vehicles with ease. This aids our ability to find the ideal home for these rare automobiles and gives everyone an equal opportunity to purchase their dream machines and enjoy a life of fine motoring and experience a lifestyle very few manage to indulge in.


We also specialize in locating and sourcing rare luxury cars with precision, therefore if there is a particular vehicle you are unable to find we make our best efforts to offer a hand in that search and get you in the car that you desire.


We look forward to serving your automotive requirements and put you in your dream car to explore the open stretches of tarmac this planet has on offer.

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