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2012 Lexus LFA #095 of 500

AED 2,500,000 USD 680,000

EUR 580,000


Vehicle Description


We are delighted to offer you the Lexus LFA #095. This vehicle has been sprayed with the very rare and awe inspiring Pearl Brown paint. Accompanied with the Orange leather interior it proves to be one of the rarest and aesthetically pleasing combinations available for the LFA. If being limited to 500 units worldwide wasn’t rare and collectible enough, this special paint does the trick. Powered by the high and fast revving V10 engineered utilizing their knowhow from Formula 1 which is easy to notice as this car provides one of the most stimulating audible experiences available on the market. This vehicle provides an incredible investment opportunity along with one of the fastest and exciting driving experiences achievable. To enquire further about this exclusive vehicle please fill the form at the bottom of this page, or visit our “contact us” page and choose your preferred method.

Type: Pre-owned

Year: 2012

Make: Lexus

Model: LFA

Mileage: 1,728 km

Exterior Color: Pearl Brown Metallic

Interior Color: Orange Leather

VIN: JTHHX8BH0C1000092

Engine: 4.8 L V10

Horsepower: 560 bhp

0-60mph: 3.6 seconds

Top Speed: 326kph (203mph)

Drivetrain: Rear-wheel drive

Transmission: 6-speed automated sequential

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